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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release NMaven 0.15-incubating
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 18:59:46 GMT
On 18/02/2008, Shane Isbell <> wrote:
> On the NMaven dev list, we have passed a vote for our first release. We
> request approval of the release by the IPMC. The 0.15-incubating version
> supports:
> 1) Compiling C# projects (2.0 framework)
> 2) Strong Naming
> 3) Generation of assembly info based on pom metadata
> 4) Support for Microsoft and Novell/Mono platforms
> Staging repo:

The NOTICE files in the jars don't agree with NOTICE.txt in SVN, in
that the Copyright says 2002-2008, whereas NOTICE.txt says just 2007.

Did the project really start in 2002?

Also, the NOTICE file is only supposed to include details of code that
is included in the distribution - not any external dependencies.

The proper heading is:

This product includes software developed by 'etc'

There is no need to itemise the individual projects within ASF.

See for details.

The individual jars seem to have individual NOTICE file headings, e.g. in


the heading reads:

Copyright 2002-2008 The Apache Software Foundation

Surely the official name of the project is "Apache NMaven" ?

Unless there is some non-ASF code included in the distribution, then
the NOTICE.txt file currently at the root of SVN is all that is needed
for the NOTICE in the jar files.


The files in binary jars should ideally contain the Java
compiler source and target versions.

There's no need for the .asc.mdf and .asc.sha1 files - an .asc file is
only needed to verify the file sig, and if the .asc file is mangled it
won't agree with the file it is protecting.

> Vote Thread:
> 4  +1 binding (PPMC),
> 1   +1 non-binding
> 0   0/-1
> Tag:

NOTICE.txt says:
"Copyright 2007 The Apache Software Foundation"

That should be
"Copyright 2007-2008 The Apache Software Foundation" - assuming that
the project started in 2007.

There should ideally be a LICENSE file alongside the NOTICE file.

Some of the source files are missing the standard ASF header.

> Thanks,
> Shane

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