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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: Subversion vs other source control systems
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 17:54:06 GMT

El jue, 14-02-2008 a las 14:32 +0100, Erik Abele escribió:
> On 14.02.2008, at 14:14, Santiago Gala wrote:
> > ...
> > The typical workflow in distributed scm is that authoritative
> > repositories pull (as requested and after review) from non-official
> > ones, so typically security is easier: no longer lots of people with
> > write access, but only a handful, taking changesets from the rest  
> > of the
> > community.
> Aye, and this is also the reason why it potentially conflicts with  
> the meritocratic model of the ASF; furthermore there are also legal  
> hurdles to cross etc.

I can't see where are the legal or meritocratic problems, really.
Specially the legal ones. A changeset is a changeset, whereas it is
stored in subversion, several git repos or a patch in jira.

I can agree that some experimentation is needed to refine the work flows
and see how it works with our models, but denial will not help getting
work done in this area.

> In the end I think it's simply too early to discuss all this - let's  
> wait until some project comes up with a well-prepared and clearly  
> defined proposal to change their SCM. IMHO this is certainly not a  
> task for the Incubator or a podling...

Neither is a task for the incubator PMC to freeze the new teams, and cut
off the fresh air from the ASF. Raising an expectation that you *can*
defy the powers-that-be here was my main aim in this whole thread. :)

> Cheers,
> Erik
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