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From David Reiss <>
Subject Re: Re: [PROPOSAL] Thrift
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 18:25:18 GMT
> If there are people who have already proven their *merit* on the
> project that are not included on the initial list of committers then I
> think they should be.

>  > In reality, many parts of the Thrift code base are already entirely
>  > owned by non-Facebook entities. The Cocoa, C#, Perl, and Smalltalk
>  > implementations for Thrift were all developed entirely outside of
>  > Facebook, and although Facebook still maintains the trunk, we defer
>  > review of all these patches to the developers working on those
>  > libraries.
> So are these people on the initial list of committers?

Perl was contributed by Jake Luciani, who is a committer, but the developers 
of the Cocoa, C#, and Smalltalk bindings are not.  These bindings were 
submitted as a set of a few patches (or in some cases, even a single large 
patch), and added to the tree without extensive review because, quite frankly, 
no committers were qualified to review them.  Because, as far as we know, the 
original contributors are the only users of these bindings, we've just been 
blindly committing any changes they make, so it would make sense for them to 
have commit access to their parts of the project.  However, they have not been 
active enough in the Thrift community to warrant the trust that comes with 
full commit access.

I would say that the requirements for a language-binding contributor to become 
a committer would be some amount of activity on the mailing list and either a 
significant review of the binding by a qualified committer or a significant 
project using the binding.


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