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From "Eelco Hillenius" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Community diversity: current concerns and suggestions for improvement
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 21:14:45 GMT
> I would agree with reviewing committers at graduation, but how do we
> implement that?

I would say that this depends on the judgment of the mentors, and it
is probably more important to evaluate the role they would be playing
in the project once it is over to Apache, than what happened before
entering incubation.

> Would you kick out people during graduation, if they don't show
> sufficient merit?

I don't think you can make rules for that. Imho it's simple. The
project has to prove it can behave the Apache way, and the project's
members are responsible for this. People not functioning well in a
project can be a reason to reject incubation, so the members better
make sure that doesn't happen.

> Or re-elect all committers before graduation?

That might be a good idea actually.


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