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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Community diversity: current concerns and suggestions for improvement
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 22:55:40 GMT

On Nov 23, 2007, at 3:10 AM, ant elder wrote:

>> Ask people to self nominate - I imagine often inactive commiters  
>> won't
>> put themselves forward, removing any issue. Then maybe a review of  
>> the
>> list by the the mentors and proposed PMC Chair. If there are issues  
>> it
>> can be discussed in the community and if theres disagreement then
>> vote. I imagine most of the time it won't come to voting.
>> Niall
> That sounds reasonable but is it ok to do that? Its quite hard to  
> remove a
> committer from a real Apache project, are incubating committers  
> different
> and its ok to just ask who wants to be included at graduation?

Just a data point, in Yoko here is consensus on the community that  
there is not enough interest to support Yoko as a TLP and that it is  
better placed as a sub-project as the code is used by other Apache  
projects.  During the discussion it was asked who was interested in  
continuing on with the code base.  Only a subset of the current  
committer base that is "on record" in SVN indicated that they were  
interested in continuing so there is at least one project that fits  
this model.

I also think, as others have suggested, that this is not an exact  
science which is why we have mentors to provide the subjective input.   
I think we all trust the mentor's input on how a project is conducting  
itself.  The Tuscany example of late is a good example where Paul  
Fremantle indicated he thought the project was doing well and was  
ready for graduation.  Rather than simply relying on a set of external  
statistics (which can be useful at times) I very much trust those that  
have stepped up to mentor a project and give their opinion sufficient  
weight to help formulate a recommendation.

My $.02

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