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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: Interested to work on it!
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2007 02:48:25 GMT
Hello Kaushik,

kaushik sarkar wrote:
> Hi there,
> I worked for Kazeon Search Engine. Where it uses Java Lucene Library.
> I am interested to work for it's c counter part. Please provide me necessary 
> information and pointer to start from.

I take it you are referring to this retired podling:

It was retired over a year ago due to lack of developer
activity, as you can see on the Incubator project list:

I'm afraid that the notice about posting to general@incubator
on the retired podling's page is just a standard notice. In
order to be reactivated, Lucene4c would have to go through
the regular entry process again:

Apart from requiring a champion and sponsor, this would also
mean that three Apache members have to volunteer as mentors,
and that infrastructure resources such as mailing list are
set up again. The simple truth is: it's not going to happen
until a whole community of developers shows up.

While it is a Herculean task to form a developer community,
it is not altogether impossible. You can get started by
taking the current Lucene4c code from svn and playing with it:

Maybe some of the people who used to work on it can still
be found on one of the mailing lists of Lucene (Java) and
CLucene (C++):
You will have to work with those communities anyway to
understand the file formats to which Lucene4c wanted to
be compatible.

If you played around with the code long enough to know you
like it, and you are willing to commit yourself to a long-
term engagement, you can take your private fork to Sourceforge
or Google Code or some other OSS project hoster. At this point,
the gathering of a developer community really starts. You
should expect that to take years, unless you happened to
find some fellow developers already waiting in the existing
communities. Once the forked project is running well, it is
finally time to consider taking it to Apache again. That will
be the decision of the newly formed developer community.

I'm sorry to have no better news for you.

cheers anyway,

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