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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Community diversity: current concerns and suggestions for improvement
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 19:33:26 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:
> Some of the discussion here to me seems to be backward: adding 
> constraints to the entry of a podling to the incubator.
> I'd hope that we could get podlings, including all of their current 
> community, into the incubator and then actively mentor/monitor its 
> activities to promote diversity and openness. It may be quite 
> time-consuming, if possible at all, to try to analyze a proposed 
> podling's alignment with Apache's values, especially if the only metrics 
> we have are the proposed podling's committer list.
> During incubation, diversity and openness have to be evaluated to see if 
> the community has achieved its goals prior to graduation. If the 
> community was not diverse at entry, and has not attracted outside 
> committers, then it doesn't graduate. These goals are well-defined in 
> the incubation process.
> Bottom line, I'd rather see the focus on achieving diversity goals on 
> the way to graduation, not on raising barriers to entry into incubation.

Craig, these were great points.

The one thought it provokes is that clearly documenting what's needed in the
line between *here* (entry to incubator) and *there* (graduating from incubator)
will help potential podlings self-filter their eligibility for ASF incubation.

If some of the simply stated graduation requirements are clear up-front, then
they should have the common sense to realize they don't share those same goals
and don't intend to fulfill them.  At that point, we save ourselves evaluating
inappropriate podlings.


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