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Subject Re: Apache SW Grant in other languages?
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 13:01:02 GMT
>> You might find interpretations or explanations in other languages,
>> but those would of course not be legally binding. Who would be
>> willing to expose him- or herself to the legal liability resulting
>> from a translation error?
>I suppose anybody whose English is not strong enough 

You misinterpreted my statement. Sorry for not being
clearer about it in the first place:
Who would be willing to publish a translation claiming
that it is authoritative, and thereby expose him- or
herself to legal liability towards people that rely
on this translation instead of the original?

My answer to this is: surely no volunteer.

I agree with your concerns about people with limited
experience in reading English legal texts. But
Apache is a bunch of volunteers, many of which
spend their spare time on it. Sure, given enough
time, I could translate one of those documents to
German. There's just no way I am going to try this,
because then somebody might send their lawyers
after me.
Maybe one could collect some donations and then
hire a lawyer to create a professional translation,
either authoritative or with all the necessary
disclaimers in place.


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