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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: ASF Web of Trust [was: Release Distribution Strategy]
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:26:25 GMT
On 29.10.2007, at 16:02, Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> On Monday 29 October 2007 21:26, Erik Abele wrote:
>>> The process on the above page is beyond most users'
>>> imagination.
>> As said, they probably don't even care otherwise they would know...
> I rest my case; If I don't care about routing tables in TCP/IP  
> stacks, I don't
> need Internet, right?

Oh come on, if you don't know how to drive a car you probably  
shouldn't drive one, right?

We're not talking about rocket science here, and fwiw, the majority  
of the general users are simply not verifying any of their  
downloads... also we're not talking about your mum (no pun  
intended!), our user-base consists mostly of developers,  
administrators, etc. and these people simply know how to do it,  
please read Roberts examples.

We also have the MD5 hashes (incl. web-interface) which are more than  
sufficient for the big masses who simply want to double-click...

> Asking me to do something about it, is also asking at the wrong  
> end, since I
> am a newbie at the topic and barely trust myself getting anything  
> right.

Well, that's the way we operate - scratch your itch and so on... :)

And fwiw, I was a newbie too but that doesn't prevent you from diving  
in etc. I personally simply have no time and interest in this, though  
I also don't object to improvements.

> I guess this is getting out of scope for Incubator...

Aye, feel free to circle back to community@ - maybe someone has the  
same itch and comes up with something.

Maybe is a start for  
solving some of your concerns?

(Note the reference about automatically checking the md5 hashes in  
the report, I think that'd be a nice benefit of using something like  
that, as Joshua also pointed out.)


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