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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Diversity requirement
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 03:16:39 GMT
On 31.10.2007, at 03:54, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> I didn't see a thread get started on this topic yet but I've been  
> mulling this over for a bit so perhaps we can continue the  
> discussion in this thread?
> I'm not sure that there should be a hard requirement for 3, 5 or n  
> unique committers.  As a guideline I think three is a good working  
> number but the more important issue is the Incubator PMC's  
> understanding of the community as they've conducted themselves and  
> the iPMC's collective view on the project's viability going  
> forward....

Well, usually our voting guidelines require three +1 etc. so for  
example having only three committers from a single company makes  
voting kind of pointless :-)

Or at least it creates the impression for other contributors that the  
project is solely led by that company...

So the absolute minimum should be three committers with at least two  
different entities behind them (e.g. two companies, or at least one  
independent, etc.) - OTOH I think the current rules outlined at [1]  
are perfectly fine.

> ...
> Anyway, with my recent changes it caused me to think more about the  
> people than a set of requirements.  IMO Jim and Noel expressing  
> their concern and causing this discussion and deeper inspection of  
> the project is the right process and makes a lot of sense.

Absolutely but IMHO we simply need some rules/requirements/guidelines  
to set a suitable framework.



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