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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Composer in the Incubator
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 02:43:46 GMT
>>>>> But not all favorably it appears...
>>>> Was there a particular response you were trying to illicit with  
>>>> that quote?
>>> Yes. It's called knowledge and background.
>> What do you want to know? And I can provide any background you  
>> feel people should know about.
>> You can't honestly expect to gather a whole lot from a cheeky  
>> remark uttered 4 years ago.
> It's really not all that; I'm not sure what you're getting at.
> The proposal makes note of the fact that several people are Apache
> committers. Sometimes, people involved in Incubator podlings need
> to make tough choices and decisions (like whether to tank it
> or not should that ever happen), and so any background which
> is appropriate to that discussion should be brought up and out
> at the start, rather than it being a potential issue latter
> on.

Yup its true that I wrote that. It is mitigated somewhat in  
successive sentences I think, and people (including Jim) that were  
around at the time will remember that I took a stance between two  
protagonists who were diametrically opposed on extension agenda for  
Avalon. I tried to implore the group to search for common ground in  
order to let the (ill fated) project go forward.  I did not agree  
with the boards decision then, but respected its right to make that  
decision.  Perhaps it was inappropriate to rake it over in a 'bio'  
segment for myself.  Or perhaps it would have been more appropriate  
to remove that reference years ago, when the event in question was  
less important to me.  Thus the obvious conclusion - fix it now  
(watch for changes).

Since that project schism, Inversion of Control (and its subset  
Dependency Injection) have gone mainstream for Java - even Sun have  
noticed ;-).  The fate of the idea is no longer dependent on harmony  
of one project.

I'm four years older now and much more able to spot the early signs  
of discord, and leverage better techniques for keeping all happy and  
joined-up in a common direction.  Not that I'll be leading 'Apache  
Composer' of course.


- Paul

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