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From Simon Nash <>
Subject Re: Graduation: how do we check "three or more independent committers" ?
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 23:17:10 GMT

Jim Jagielski wrote:
> IMO, the need for "Independent committers" is based on the
> following wants and needs:
>   1. Reduce the influence that any single entity has over
>      the codebase and/or its direction.
>   2. Reduce the risk that, if a single entity suddenly drops
>      its "support" for a codebase, that development does not
>      immediately whither away and die.
>   3. Provide some sort of assurance that the committers are
>      personally invested in the codebase, independent of their
>      employment.
>   4. The health of a community is proportional to its diversity.
>   5. Reduce the risk associated when corporate drivers do not
>      align with community drivers (corporate entity wants A
>      but community wants B).
All of this makes sense.  I think we should refine the meaning of
independent committer as others have suggested, going beyond just
looking at which company is the employer.  The "day job" principle
that Matt suggested is one aspect.  Others are the amount of
personal commitment (which I think is observable), and willingness
to put community drivers ahead of the corporate line when these
are not in sync (your point 5).  This last one could be hard to
calibrate without knowing what goes on in private corporate
discussions, but I think people show by their actions how much
weight they give to community views and input when some topic is
up for discussion.  The mentors should have a good sense of how
well the corporate committers follow these principles.


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