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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] graduate stdcxx to TLP
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2007 22:14:11 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> In fact, haven't people called for providing a release
> build to be a graduation requirement?

Yes - I seem to recall that proposition was not made a 'requirement'.

But in answer to your question; *yes* they have performed an incubating-
release and demonstrated that they understand the prerequisites and the
process for conducting a proper ASF release.  RAT is a later addition to
their tool kit which will be deployed even beyond the incubator, to
ensure the package passes all licensing recommendations.

> Is there some reason, other than the fact that this is the weekend before
> the Board meeting, why this should not simply be fixed?  Is there a race
> that needs to be won?  Is November so much worse than October?
>>> How diverse is the community at this time?
>> Besides OtherBill and myself, the core of the community is from two
>> organizations with RogueWave still being predominate.
>> I think (and hope OtherBill agrees) that the community is managing
>> itself properly and is open to new contributors.

Yes, and they have demonstrated this through adopting new committers.

> So primarily still RogueWave, but you feel that they are open to others, and
> just have rather minimal diversity at this time?

Yes; and as the incubator has dropped our standards for diversity far
below what I would consider 'success', but stdcxx certainly *meets* our
current bar.  And I'm 100% convinced that they are open to (and have
proven this already) adopting new committers, as people demonstrate that
they are conversant in the style guidelines, structure of the library
and will work on the dev@ list (and especially through JIRA) to ensure
that their patches are appropriate as committed.

It's not glorious work contributing to a tightly defined standard that
has to work across countless platforms, but I'm certain that as those
who are interested begin to participate, they will be welcomed with
open arms, and Justin and I will hang out to ensure that remains true :)

Anyone interested should consult the project history for the documentation
of the progress they have made with an eye to specific steps that we hope
each project addresses during its incubation;


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