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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: HttpClient, HttpComponents (was Jakarta)
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 10:37:00 GMT
Roland Weber wrote:
> A fallback option is to move from Jakarta to
> WebServices, exchanging one umbrella for another. That wouldn't
> move us forward, and the impression we got from Jakarta is that
> umbrellas are not in favour at the board.
> As a TLP, we will have a fighting chance to grow the project
> to the point where it no longer depends on just the two of us.
> Until that is achieved, we'll be one of those projects that
> Niall referred to, with community issues because they didn't
> pass through the Incubator. That's why I thought it was a good
> occasion to ask for suggestions. The new HttpComponents as well
> as the old HttpClient we maintain are being used by Apache
> projects, so coming into the Incubator is not an option for
> HttpComponents.

I dont consider http support in webservices as a general purpose 
umbrella. Any Java stack that does SOAP or REST should be using 
HttpClient unless they are naiive fools who believe that there is 
someone that actually maintains, and that persion has 
actually read the HTTP RFCs.

1. it is used in Axis, XFire, Alpine. I think the only mainstream stack 
that doesnt use it is the Sun one, but they have the ability to fix bits 
of, and/or the naiive optimism I mentioned earlier.

2. It would be a good way of kickstarting more pure RESTy stuff in the 
WS group.

3. this has been raised on ws pmc, we'd love to have the 
HttpComponents/HttpClient team(s) on board if you want to join.


(still on the WS PMC, incidentally)

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