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From David L Kaminsky <>
Subject Incubator Proposal: SPL
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 12:57:52 GMT

Thanks for the quick response on the SPL proposal.  I've tried to gather
the questions and respond to them in one e-mail.  Please me know if I
missed anything.



Seems like the consensus is that SPL isn't a good name.   We'll find
another.  (Not sure I could get IBM to clear "Mordac". :-) )


The SPL prototype was developed from scratch, so the licenses for PDL and
Ponder would not encumber SPL.  I think we also note in the text that the
prototype SPL engine will submitted with a CCLA if the incubator proposal
is accepted, so we'll be following the standard Apache route.

FWIW, I did find that Ponder is released under that GNU Lesser General
Public License; I couldn't find any current information on PDL.

On the standard itself, not surprisingly, the DMTF encourages
implementations, and at submission, the DMTF requires this text:

"Permission to copy, display, perform, modify and distribute the
specification, and to authorize others to do the foregoing, in any medium
without fee or royalty is hereby granted for the purpose of developing and
evaluating the Specification.  The Specification may be published as one or
more separate documents including for example as ASCII formats, schema or
metadata files rather than solely as a single document.

"Co-Developers agree to grant a license to third parties, under
royalty-free and otherwise reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and
conditions, to their respective Essential Patent Rights (as that term is
defined in the DMTF Patent and Technology Policy) that are necessary to
implement the Specification in accordance with the DMTF Patent and
Technology Policy."


I looked at what's on the web site, and it appears to be a management
infrastructure that provides a GUI and instrumentation (agents) that allows
administrative commands issues at the GUI to be executed by the agents.
Assuming I'm not missing anything fundamental, I think the two would be
integrated by:

1. Enhancing the Lokahi's GUI so it could be used specify SPL policies.
(We'd probably add a CLI, too.)
2. Extending the Lokahi database schema so SPL policies specified in the
Lohahi GUI (or CLI) could be stored there.
3. Adding  the ability to send SPL policies to Lokahi agents.
4. Adding the SPL engine to the Lokahi agent.
5. Adding the ability to send SPL status to the Lokahi GUI and logs.

This would allow some management to occur automatically at the agent,
instead of requiring administrator intervention at the "console."

(That might address the "how to integrate with other Apache projects"; if
not, please let me know, and I can clarify.)


We're open to suggestions regarding the order in which we add bindings to
APIs, and doing such bindings isn't terribly hard.  If Tomcat is
particularly critical as an early demonstration, we can add that to the
proposal.  And, of course, the code is (suppose to be) modular, so others
could at it at any time.

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