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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Does Incubator PMC chair need to update authorizations for Mentors?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 22:30:16 GMT
Craig Russell wrote:

> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
>> Craig Russell asked:
>>> <projects/incubation-status-template.xml>
>>> Give all Mentors access to the incubator SVN repository.
>>> (to be done by PMC chair)
>>> </projects/incubation-status-template.xml>
>> That ought to mean adding them to the incubator-pmc acl in the
>> authorizations file.
> Ah, I read this as giving permission to access the specific
> incubating project's svn repo by adding them to the incubating
> project's specific section of the acl. The Mentors are already in
> incubator-pmc IIUC.

Well, a new PMC Member would need to be added to the PMC ACL.  Normally I
do those, myself, but take the next few days, for example.  :-)  Why hold
Dave up waiting for me?  Or, for that matter, a new commiter who needs to
be added to the project specific ACL?

Incubator PMC members already have SVN karma for *everything* under
incubator/, and should not need to be added to other Incubator ACLs.

>> The authorizations file has fairly limited access rights for obvious
>> reasons, but we have established that anyone who is BOTH on the
>> Incubator PMC AND ALSO has the necessary karma for the authorizations
>> file (e.g., is also an ASF VP for another project) is allowed to make
>> changes on behalf of the Incubator.
> I've made a minor update to the template file projects/incubation-
> status-template.xml for future reference.

Let's change Mentor to PMC Member, in that change you just made.  Subtle,
but not entirely without distinction.

	--- Noel

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