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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] JSPWiki
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 16:56:22 GMT
>> Well, let me put it this way: it would be kinda dumb to run our
>> public wiki site on another wiki engine. ;-)
> Dumb? So we must already be dumb, then, to be running other things  
> like JVMs
> that don't come from the ASF, rather than our own.

Nonono, what I meant was that it would be odd to have  
running on Confluence or Moin Moin - it would look like we are not  
eating our own dog food.

> It's not at all clear from that list that those are wikis and not just
> regular web sites. Does JSPWiki have an auto-export capability, like
> Confluence does, so that pages can be offloaded to static  
> resources, instead
> of hitting the wiki all the time?

All of the resources listed are wikis (except, obviously, the mailing  
list.  Even the blog is a wiki, though it is not open to the general  
public to edit).  There is an external tool which allows a full or  
subset of files to be turned into static HTML resources, if  
necessary, but we do not currently provide one ourselves.

> You'll need a dedicated team of people, not just one person, that is
> committed to doing this on an ongoing basis.

Very true.  Being a "hobby project" has allowed us to be somewhat  
lenient towards things like web site availability (though having said  
that, we have two maintainers in two timezones, and in general our  
downtimes happen only when we upgrade something).  This is one of the  
questions highlighted in our proposal, and help from the ASF is  
needed towards resolving these - I can't tell you how to run your  
services :-)


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