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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Incubator Proposal: Pig
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:05:25 GMT
I am a +1 on the proposal, but I am still unclear, at
this point, how Y! is going to align the open source aspects
of Pig with their hiring push for Pig developers as per:

I guess this is more a general concern about the changing dynamics.
First, of course, there were people developing code as volunteers
because it was fun or because the were directly influenced
by the code itself (after all, this is where httpd got its
start). Then we were able to move into the sweet spot where
not only did we have "true" volunteer developers but also
developers who got paid to continue developing... Now we
seem to be getting into the realm where a condition of
their employment is to "code ASF stuff"... The main concern
is whether they are developing because they want to, or
they have to. In other words, if the corporate support
of the project or podling went away, would they stop
developing and working on the codebase because they,
after all, had no allegiance in the code at all? Were
they, in effect, coders-for-hire?

Certainly Pig is not unique in this. There are other Incubator
podlings soo much in line with a major corporate entity
that if the entity decided today that Apache Foo didn't make
corporate sense, that 95% of "their" developers would never be
seen or heard from again...

I, of course, trust the Mentors of projects to work through
these issues, and a condition of graduation after all is that
the community itself is diverse enough and strong enough to
survive such transitions. But I see this becoming harder as
time goes on as well as much, much more common.

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