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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] JSPWiki
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 17:18:42 GMT

On 6 Sep 2007, at 17:20, Gwyn Evans wrote:

> While agreeing that it's something that needs looking at closely, I'm
> not I'm not sure it's downbeat as I think you're suggesting. The
> 3rd-party licencing policy at
> redirects to the draft at,
> but that suggests that, especially for use in binary form, licences
> such as CDDL or CPL aren't necessarily incompatible...

That is exactly where the "category B" is coming from.  Do we need to  
wait until ASF gets the 3rd party license policy completed?

Please note that it would be *impossible* for us to work without some  
of the category B libraries, such as the JUnit testing library.    
Also, things like JavaMail libraries are highly useful for our user  
experience (e.g. sending email in case the user forgets his  
password).  If there is an Apache-compatible implementation  
available, then fine.

There are some custom licenses out there where we would need help  
from ASF's lawyers to check whether the licenses are really ok.   
Having to reimplement e.g. a permissive HTML-parser or a caching  
library would be a real PITA.


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