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From Dan Creswell <>
Subject Discuss: Package Naming for Incubator Release of River
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2007 09:52:30 GMT
Hello all,

After much grinding of gears, the Apache River project has now received
from Sun all the relevant source code pertaining to the Jini technology.

The process of source code handover has taken a substantial amount of
time and thus we (the Apache River project) propose to issue a release
as soon as possible.  We believe this will achieve at least two things:

(1)	Demonstrate to the community of existing users that we are serious
about providing continuity for Jini.

(2)	Familiarise ourselves with the Apache release process.

A key impediment to such a release revolves around package naming.
There are a number of packages currently under the com.sun.jini
namespace which our user community (including tools vendors) routinely
relies on.  We believe that under current Apache rules making a release
without removing and/or renaming com.sun.jini.* to for example
org.apache.river.jini.* is not possible.  Obviously we are concerened
that removing and/or renaming these packages could have significant and
undesirable impact on the user community.

We would appreciate some clarification in respect of the above and some
guidance on what the minimum requirements might be.  For example would
it be acceptable to create a compatibility layer and thus, for at least
this first release, have both com.sun and org.apache namespaces present
in our codebase and release?  This would allow our users some time to
transition smoothly to the new package namespace.

Many thanks,

Dan Creswell
Apache River Committer

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