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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Subscribe to and
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 19:38:26 GMT
dropping private@i.a.o from the cc ....

Gilles Scokart wrote:
> I'm a commiter for ivy, but I didn't manage to subscribe to
> and
> I tried with my gmail address 2 times, and with my apache address.
> Every time I answered to the mail asking me to confirm my
> subscription, but then nothing.
> Is that normal?  Is those two list reserved to project/committers that
> passed the incubation, or is it "just" a moderation issue?

any committer may subscribe to these lists.

> I have access to, so I
> guess I should also have access to at least
> Is there anyone else who had similar problem?

Sometimes I have subscribed to a list that did not send out the "WELCOME
to list" email. I don't know if that's what might be happening here.

In the committers repo, some helpful tips are in docs/resources.txt --
in particular, there's a tip on how to find out who the moderator is for
a given list. I have also sometimes dropped the moderator a courteous
note mentioning the problem. Often it's a simple matter that moderators
are out of town (right now is vacation time in many countries) or the
day job suddenly requires all attention and attention to other matters,
oops, slips.

> PS: I also tried to send this mail to,
> but I guess the mail was lost or pending somewhere in the moderation
> queue.

All Incubator PMC members are also subscribed to general@i.a.o list, so
cc'ing private@i.a.o isn't needed. In fact, it's best not to mix public
and private lists on the same post.

now if you follow the tip I mentioned above, you'll discover I'm one of
the moderators for private@i.a.o and -- erm, um -- the day job has been
incredibly busy lately (guilty as charged). :-) sorry. But, in fact,
posting to this list is good enough.

I hope this helps a little.



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