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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: NMS
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:27:12 GMT
On 6/7/07, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> > what is NMS?
> NMS is a .NET version of JMS.

Not quite. Its a .Net Messaging API to the various MOMs available on
the .Net platform such as MSMQ, TibCo, MQSeries together with new
implementations such as for ActiveMQ and Stomp. Its just as similar to
JMS as it is to the various other APIs for all the MOMs available

On 6/7/07, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> I'm not sure about whether Sun has relevant patents on the JMS APIs.

FWIW that'd be pretty hard since there was prior art in MQSeries and
TibCo APIs which JMS mirrored pretty closely. There's only so many
ways you can create an API for sending & receiving messages over a
Connection/Channel using a Sender/Producer/Publisher and a
Consumer/Subscriber/Receiver. But then also I'm not a lawyer.

> Howver, there are two things that may have been violated. Firstly, the
> license agreement that was "clicked-through" whenever someone looked
> at the JMS specification. Secondly the JMS copyright. Since, as far as
> I can see, NMS is likely to be a "derived work" of JMS it is also
> likely that it breaches the copyright of the spec.

AFAIK there is not one line of NMS API which is the same as the JMS
API. Ditto CORBA Notification Service et al. Though conceptually all
of those messaging APIs I mentioned before are very similar for
reasons I already mentioned (all MOMs implement pretty much the same
semantics from an API perspective). If its a breach of copyright to
make something conceptually similar; lots of projects at Apache could
be in breach; as things like Axis, CXF, QPid, Tuscany, WSIF and others
have conceptually similar message exchange APIs in them (in Java and
other languages). Sure some are closer to JMS/CORBA NS to others but
conceptually messaging is messaging.

Anyone any idea of the legal definition of "derived work"? Certainly
none of the JMS spec or API was used to create NMS; but clearly most
of us who work on Apache projects which have a messaging component or
API will have been exposed to possible JMS spec contamination so some
legal advice would be very useful .

>  In other words an API that allows .NET
> clients to interact with a messaging server, especially one that
> follows the same semantics as JMS (i.e. a JMS server like Apache
> ActiveMQ)

FWIW all MOMs follow pretty much the same semantics (MSMQ, TibCo,
MQSeries and ActiveMQ) which is what NMS reflects


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