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From "Martijn Dashorst" <>
Subject Re: Graduation Guide Revision [WAS Re: Sending proposal to board: how to?]
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:36:43 GMT
On 6/14/07, robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
> could you post a diff against the revision you began with?

I just did, but basically everything changed.

I copied the old stuff to a new document, whereby the whitespace was
not preserved :-|

Also, most text is moved from bottom to top and vice versa. I doubt
any diff tool would be able to make it anything other than "I give up,
everything changed"

I attached a textual diff between the two documents based on the
current website version and my published (p.a.o.) version. I also
attached both text versions for easier diffing, for use in a graphical
merge tool (winmerge for windows users, filemerge for osx users (in
the developer tools folder!).

I just hope the files get through the Apache mail server.


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