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From "Yoav Shapira" <>
Subject Re: PPMC guidance on new committers
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 13:38:24 GMT

On 5/30/07, Craig L Russell <> wrote:
> Personally, if I saw a vote on the incubator private PMC list for a
> new committer on a podling, including references to the PPMC
> discussion and vote, I would be inclined to vote for that committer.
> On the other hand, if I saw a vote on the incubator private PMC list
> that just offered the usual so-and-so is a great contributor, I'd
> have no real way to see if the PPMC was really learning its job.

You're not the first one to have mentioned this approach.  The thing
that troubles me in this approach is that it distorts the meaning of
+1/0/+1 votes with respect to committership.

To me, a +1 vote on someone becoming a committer means I've personally
reviewed the person's contributions (in terms of code, mailing list
activity, etc.) in decent depth.

It does NOT mean I trust a bunch of other people to form my opinion
for me.  If, for whatever reason (for example a long holiday weekend),
I haven't had a chance to look at the person's history, and a vote is
required right now, a 0 seems more correct.

Voting +1 explicitly without due diligence just so someone can reach a
3 +1 bar seems wrong to me.  I guess there do exist other options,
like asking for the vote to be open longer, saying explicitly that my
+1 is for the process and the PMC without reviewing the person, and
others.  So maybe this is soluble and OK after all.  I'm just thinking
out loud here...


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