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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Request for Comments - Pnuts as Incubator Project?!]
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 08:13:18 GMT
Hi Aaaron,

the community question is also my biggest concern and there is actually
an easy and a difficult part about it.

I don't see many committers on the pnuts core project because very few
people are able to design/implement a programming language properly.
Having said this I don't want to see many people working on the pnuts
core otherwise it will desintegrate into a feature heap. And this
conflict is a really bad one .... :-(

On the other side an extension mechanism exists called pnuts modules. In
this area I see the opportunity that many people are contributing since
those things are easy to write and extend.

Regarding "sanctioned JVM language" - can't blame me or pnuts about it -
if it happens to be the first that's fine for me.


Siegfried Goeschl

Having said that itt is much easier

J Aaron Farr wrote:
> Hello Siegfried!
> Siegfried Goeschl <> writes:
>> since I'm basically an ASF newbie I would like to ask for some feedback
>> if you would think pnuts as suitable candidate for an incubator project.
>> Your feedback would help me a lot convincing the pnuts community to move
>> over to Apache.
> Has the community expressed any interest already?  And how much
> community is there beyond Tomatsu?
> While a existing, active community isn't a requirement to enter
> incubation, it is a requirement to exit.  So my concern is that pnuts
> has been around for a while, yet not attracted much of a community (at
> least that's my perception and it could be wrong).  Again, that alone
> isn't enough to stop a proposal, just something to consider.  It's
> possible that pnuts is more suited for a place like codehaus than
> Apache.
> On a related note, there are a ton of JVM languages now.  I wouldn't
> want to give the impression that a specific one is "sanctioned" by the
> ASF. In fact, I think it would be cool to see several JVM languages
> and related research in Apache.  I mean, we have a VM now (almost).
> That could foster some really interesting "harmony."  :)

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