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From Leo Simons <>
Subject [suggestion] making documentation management more lightweight
Date Sat, 05 May 2007 15:10:40 GMT

The whole jira-patch-commit workflow for the documentation seems  
annoying. At least it annoys me -- in particular the patches don't  
show up in my email so I have to visit jira which I try and avoid as  
much as possible :-).


1) create

    writeable by *all* committers

    svn cp \
    vi infrastructure/trunk/subversion/authorization/asf-authorization
    svn commit infrastructure/trunk/subversion/authorization/asf- 

2) create an svn:externals on 

    like this


    so that you can see the work-in-progress at

3) instead of sending documentation patches, people who are helping
    with the documentation work on the staging branch

4) set up for staging/ and trunk/
    * see
    * make sure to block the revision from step #2!

5) propose documentation changes on the mailing list
    * get diffs

      cd incubator/trunk --bidirectional diff > ~/staging-diffs.txt
      # or use -r to get only a few revisions

    * send diff to mailing list for discussion and lazy
      consensus approval

6) merge

    cd incubator/trunk --bidirectional avail --bidirectional # or use -r12345,...
    svn commit -F svnmerge-commit-message.txt
    cd ../staging
    svn commit -F svnmerge-commit-message.txt

7) rejoice at the lightweight workflow, which also survives Robert's
    laptop sinking to the bottom of the sea!



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