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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [POLL] Incubator Maven Repository
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 03:56:12 GMT


Honestly, it sounds like the NMaven stuff will need a complete new set of 
repositories for NMaven artifacts.   There isn't any way, IMO, that the 
repo layout can change for the normal maven 1 and maven 2 repositories.   

Incubator or is relatively irrelevant in that regards.   
The layout is pretty much set in stone.  There are too many plugins 
(deploy, etc...) that rely on it, there are too many other apps (several 
different proxy applications, etc...) that rely on it, etc...

If the current layout is inadequate for NMaven, the NMaven team should 
figure out an appropriate place for a new repository.   My personal 
suggestion is to work with the Maven team and create a new area at or similar.   But that's me.  In either case, I 
think that discussion is separate from where the m2 artifacts go.  It 
make make sense to put the nmaven stuff in dist/incubator for a while 
until the layout is finalized, then move to central.    However, the 
layouts for m1/m2 are finalized.  Thus, they can/should go to central.

That said, I don't know the NMaven details.     But my #1 concern is your 
> I
> would expect that an incubator release repo would be more amendable to
> such changes.

No chance, IMO.   Once an artifact is released, it's SET IN STONE.   That 
includes the layout of the repository it's sitting in.  Once theres the 
possibility that another project is relying on a particular artifact to 
be living at a particular location, it needs to stay there.   The 
incubator m2 release repository is no different from central in that 


On Sunday 06 May 2007 14:11, Shane Isbell wrote:
> [ ] use standard repositories
> [ x ] relocate repositories under /
> My reasons are as follows: First, NMaven does not follow the standard
> repo layout; second, the repository layout structure is still in a
> state of flux, meaning that there is a need for potentially changing
> the layout for .NET artifacts, while still doing releases.
> Getting more into some more specifics, with NMaven, there is no
> version information contained within the artifact file name and the
> version must follow a standard format. This precludes the use
> of "incubator" within the version itself. As mentioned above, at this
> early stage, it's also not 100% clear on exactly how NMaven .NET
> artifacts will reside within the repo. For instance, there is an open
> question as to where pom files will reside when we add the concept of
> classifiers to the repo. Also, given the repository layout structure
> for NET artifacts may change over time, as the incubator project
> evolves, I have concerns whether any of the standard maven repos would
> accept - and with good reason - an NMaven incubator release at all. I
> would expect that an incubator release repo would be more amendable to
> such changes.
> Shane
> On 5/6/07, Eelco Hillenius <> wrote:
> > [ x ] use standard repositories
> > [ ] relocate repositories under /
> >
> > Eelco
> >
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