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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Sending proposal to board: how to?
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 10:14:46 GMT
On May 28, 2007, at 12:54 AM, Martijn Dashorst wrote:
> The graduation guide is a bit vague and incomplete on one point:
> sending the resolution to the board.
> It is mentioned in the process description to send a message to the
> board (to board@), but there are of course no example messages to be
> found (board@ is not public).
> It would be nice to add the board@ list from the process description
> to the graduation guide (which I'll do soon), and perhaps mention a
> typical message that can be an inspiration for other Podlings.
> However, for proposing graduation to the IPMC a lot of templates are
> available, as anyone can search the general@ list for [vote]
> graduation. Are such templates, or guidelines for communicating with
> the board available?

  * Just send 'em email if you think its needed, in many ways its just
    another mailing list; just do your bit to keep traffic low :-)

  * it's a private list, regular ASF rules for those apply (no CC to
    non-private list, treat responses you get appropriately  

  * whatever you do, don't send email on behalf of a group if you're
    not actually representing that group. Get consensus first.

  * The board expects PMC chairs to relay the majority of the traffic
    between it and the projects.
    * this TLP proposal thingie is an exception, I guess the expectancy
      is pretty much that the proposed PMC chair sends the e-mail

From: <you _at_ apache dot org>
To: <board _at_ apache dot org>
CC: <<project>-private _at_ incubator dot apache dot org>
Subject: proposed resolution: establish <project> TLP

Dear Apache Board,

<Project> is ready for graduation out of the incubator. So, please
consider the draft resolution below at your next meeting.

<thank you, best regards, personal note if you wish, etc etc>

<your name>


     Home: <project home page>
     Vote by project: <link to vote thread on project list>
     Vote by incubator: <link to vote thread on general list>

Resolution draft:

     <<resolution goes here, 72 (?) characters wide,
      indent with 4 (?) spaces>>

<your e-mail sig, if you have one>

> In its bare essentials I could just send the resolution to board@, but
> I think that gives the board a bit too much to dig through (what is
> that podling?, did the IPMC vote, are all status check marks checked?,
> etc).

Well, in some ways, if the board@ doesn't know about your podling by  
the time you're ready for TLP then you didn't submit your status  
reports which is a reason why you should not graduate.

> Of course these would be covered by the IPMC, however I can
> imagine that a member of the board at least wants to check what the
> project is.

Yep! Usually they will in quite a bit of detail; it is not uncommon  
for the board to decide to tweak a resolution ever so slightly (or  
sometimes even a little more, like edits to the PMC roster or project  
description) during their meeting, and it is also not uncommon for  
them to ask a question or two that you've already answered a 100  
times :-)

hope this helps,

- Leo

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