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From Niklas Gustavsson <>
Subject Re: FtpServer mentor/commiter shortage
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:35:32 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> It's a problem though, when there is only one committer on the code.
> I encourage you to approach both the Tomcat and Jakarta communities to
> attract some additional hackers!
> We (Incubator PMC) won't permit a release when there are fewer than three
> sets of eyeballs on the -code-, because by definition it's neither
> collaborative nor scrutinized.  

In the specific case of FtpServer, the significant parts have in fact 
been worked on by multiple commiters over time, although I'm the only 
one remaining. But, in general I certainly agree with the principle and 
given that it would be good idea to have multiple commiters actually 
maintaining a release after its out, I feel that we should maybe not 
focus on releasing FtpServer after all.

> We all need other developers looking
> at our code, especially considering all of the 'security issues' in the
> FTP protocol in this case.  (I use the phrase security pretty loosely
> here, many of the supposed security-related issues are nothing but
> implementation and protocol flaws, and their claims to be security related
> are in some cases very dubious.)

In the case of FTP, most security issues is pretty much built into the 
original protocol, and we need to support the later RFCs for SSL to fix 
that (luckily we do :-)

> (FYI - were I a Java fan - I'd be there for you :)  Certainly not biased
> towards httpd-mod_ftp v.s. FtpServer - I think it's great that both are
> at the ASF.  Strictly my own language-bias.)

I have the same language-bias (or is it maybe ignorance) against mod_ftp 
so I understand your position :-)


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