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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Adding new committers process
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 19:38:44 GMT
On 4/6/07, Martin Ritchie <> wrote:
> Ok, I think that has cleared things up a bit for me I'll send out
> these requests that I've been sitting on for a few weeks now as we
> need to get the accounts set up for our new committers.

Just as it appeared this subject was cleared up, Noel replied to
Qpid's root requests with the following clarifications:

1. Only IPMC members (e.g. mentors) should send root requests for new
podling committers.
2. A podling committer vote requires three IPMC +1s to be approved
(ideally the mentors, assuming the project still has three mentors).

This was not my recollection and is not how I read what we have
documented at

"Only votes cast by (P)PMC members are binding. If the vote is
positive, the contributor formally becomes an Apache  committer. A
(P)PMC member should then follow the documented procedures to complete
the process, but please CC both the Incubator PMC and the PPMC when
sending the necessary e-mails to root."

>From Noel's comments, it sounds like those "(P)"s should be removed
from the above sentence.

I honestly don't know if this is a case of things evolving rules, or
different IPMC members thinking they agreed with each other and not
realizing they had different ideas, or (equally likely) that I knew
the "right way" to do this long ago and have since lost my mind.

So, I have chosen to handle this by offering my IPMC/mentor vote to
the three qpid votes that were summarized on this list last month.
I've been very impressed with how the Qpid folks have discussed and
evaluated which contributors should join them as committers, and I
have no problem endorsing their choices.  I can also do the sending of
the root requests when there are two other +1 IPMC votes.

But, I wanted to bring the issue up here so everyone can tell me either:

"Cliff -- you've lost your mind.  It's always been done this way.  You
should get on top of these things or take a vacation and come back


"Hmmmm...I guess I was confused as well.  I should make sure the
project I'm mentoring is following the points Noel made above."


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