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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Mentors and members (was: Re: Mentors On IPMC [WAS Re: [Vote] RCFproposal (was: [Proposal] RCF - a rich component library for JSF)])
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 14:06:19 GMT
On 4/12/07, robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
> > but
> > it presumes the Mentor == ASF Member (and all members may join the iPMC
> > with a ping-ack).  Veto to that interpretation - you were right... needs
> > to be updated.
> this is a new and radically different interpretation. changing to this
> process a policy vote.

Agreed. The notion of a Mentor continues to evolve and reading
presumptions into the documenation is, well, presumptious. :)

> mentors are elected to the IPMC by the proposal approval vote
> members who wish to join the IPMC do so by the grace of the chair
> (they send a request to the list and then the chair acts)

In principle, I would suggest that we grant IPMC karma to Members in
the same way we grant karma to private lists. Or in the same way that
Infra uses Membership as one filter for root/sudo access to ASF
machines. Being granted, upon request, a seat on the IPMC is one more
element of ASF Member karma.

I would also venture that, in the normal course, the chair has no
special powers. If grace were being granted, I would expect that it is
being graned by the PMC, and the chair is merely acting on behalf of
the PMC's standing orders.


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