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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: Mentors and members (was: Re: Mentors On IPMC [WAS Re: [Vote] RCFproposal (was: [Proposal] RCF - a rich component library for JSF)])
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:54:25 GMT
On 4/12/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
>  * when necessary *
> given some of the problems that have been percolating all the way to
> general@, there are some problems in mentorships.  The hammer is only
> applicable to things that are not acceptable ever - backroom (offlist)
> decision making, refusing to acknowledge merit (keeping a podling 'closed')
> or not complying with the ASL.  There is a short list of unacceptable
> practices at the ASF

Semi off-topic, but we should try and distill the short list of
acceptable and unacceptable practices into some type of concise
"Elements of ASF Style". It's cool that we have so much detailed
documentation at the ASF site and the Incubator site, but it's
becoming hard to see the forrest for the trees.


>  - the mentors job is to short circuit those early
> before they become habit (or - more difficult - rewire them for projects
> with a long prior-history before entry to the incubator.)
> When these problems escalate to iPMC there is a problem in the mentoring,
> either mentors not raising the hammer, or podlings refusing to listen to
> the advise.  Lowering the hammer sometimes has to come from the iPMC, but
> it should already be hanging over their heads, having very clearly
> explained what's wrong with the status quo and why at the podling level.
> This makes it possible for the iPMC to act, instead of discussing the
> possibility of entertaining the thought of taking a potential action.

If we have timid mentors, I would suggest it's because most mentors
are new to incubation.  I would venture that the average ASF Member
knows very little about the incubation process or what can happen if
"podlings go wild".  If timid mentors are an issue that the Incubator
PMC wishes to address, then I would suggest stating a preference that
at least one of the mentors be a "senior mentor" who has been through
the process before (graduated or retired). If we did do that, we
should also state that a volunteer can only mentor one podling at a


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