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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: FtpServer mentor/commiter shortage
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 20:10:01 GMT
It's a problem though, when there is only one committer on the code.
I encourage you to approach both the Tomcat and Jakarta communities to
attract some additional hackers!

We (Incubator PMC) won't permit a release when there are fewer than three
sets of eyeballs on the -code-, because by definition it's neither
collaborative nor scrutinized.  We all need other developers looking
at our code, especially considering all of the 'security issues' in the
FTP protocol in this case.  (I use the phrase security pretty loosely
here, many of the supposed security-related issues are nothing but
implementation and protocol flaws, and their claims to be security related
are in some cases very dubious.)

(FYI - were I a Java fan - I'd be there for you :)  Certainly not biased
towards httpd-mod_ftp v.s. FtpServer - I think it's great that both are
at the ASF.  Strictly my own language-bias.)


Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
> Hey,
> over at FtpServer we have a issue with the lack of mentors/commiters.
> Currently, there is only one active commiter (me) and no active mentors.
> This causes some issues with the project. As a way of promoting the
> project and possibly get more people interested in contributing, it's my
> belief that we need to get a series of milestone releases out (much like
> most other incubating projects). That way, it's easier for our users to
> actually start using FtpServer and for us to start writing on how to use
> it easily. However, the lack of active commiters means that we haven't
> even been able to complete the voting process for Milestone 1 due to
> lack of responses [1][2]. The vote has been going for more than one month.
> I'm not sure what would be the best way forward and would like to ask
> for assistance from the Incubator. As one possible route, I would be
> very happy if we would be able to get some new volunteers for mentoring
> the project.
> /niklas
> [1] Start of voting
> [2]
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