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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject [VOTE][HOTFIX] Approve the release of hotfix-1 for Apache UIMA 2.1.0-incubating
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 15:45:54 GMT
The Apache UIMA community has voted to release .
We would now like to ask the Incubator PMC to
approve this "hotfix" release.

This release consists of 1 zip file containing a replacement for one of the
Eclipse plugins included in the current release, that corrects several 
documented in the Jira issue 
This is a temporary fix until we do our next full release.

This artifact was built from the SVN branch used for the 2.1.0 release, 
already out.
It includes no other changes from the main trunk.  Besides the code 
changes needed for
Jira issue UIMA-364, the only other changes that were done were

    1) to modify the MANIFEST and Maven "pom" files to give the
    created artifact a new name appending the "hotfix-1" string.

    2) to modify the build for this zip to include the LICENSE,
    file that are normally packaged with the top level zip file of the
    whole distribution,

    3) to add a README-HOTFIX-1 file describing how to apply this fix,
    to the zip.

The intent is to put this hot-fix package with the same instructions as 
on our download site, if this is approved.

This is a temporary fix until we do our next full release.

The artifact is located in;

this is a "binary" deployable object usable by UIMA users directly,
after unzipping into the Eclipse plugins directory.

The release was signed by Marshall I Schor, acting as the release 
manager for this hot fix. 
His public key is available here:

as well as at the MIT public key repository .
The detached signatures are located here: <>

The changes for this hotfix are confined to only of one Eclipse Plugin 
this project (uimaj-ep-configurator) was tagged in SVN:

Here is a link to our vote thread on the uima-dev list:

We've not run the RAT utility because the changes involved only minor 
code updates in
one module.  For reference (if needed) the previous reports for version 
2.1.0-incubating, along with our
own comments, are posted here:

The original unedited RAT reports are also posted:

We ask that you please vote to approve this "hotfix" release:

[ ] +1 Approve the release of the "hotfix" artifact:
[ ] -1 Recommend against releasing at this time (identify issues you
consider showstoppers)

- The Apache UIMA team

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