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From Omar Tazi <>
Subject [Vote] RCF proposal (was: [Proposal] RCF - a rich component library for JSF)
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 23:15:29 GMT

Based on a positive initial feedback we are calling a vote on the RCF 
contribution (see proposal below).

This proposal is for the donation of a rich component library for the 
JavaServer Faces technology to the Apache Software Foundation. The live 
version of the proposal is available at:

A vote was held on the Apache MyFaces dev list and we got 15 +1 votes 
(13 binding) therefore Apache MyFaces is proposed as the sponsoring 

The Champion for the RCF proposal is Manfred Geiler (manolito at apache 
dot org) and the three mentors are Martin van den Bemt (mvdb at apache 
dot org), Carsten Ziegeler (cziegeler at apache dot org), and Henning 
Schmiedehausen (henning at apache dot org).

Please cast your votes.


Omar Tazi

  Omar Tazi
  Chief Open Source Evangelist &
  SOA Evangelist
  Middleware and Tools
  Oracle Corporation
  Work: (650) 506-3216
  Cell: (408) 656-5354

RCF, a rich component library for JSF


RCF is a rich (Ajax-style) component set for the JavaServer Faces(tm)
1.2 technology. .


RCF is an Ajax-based component library for the JavaServer Faces
technology. RCF comes with very high quality components, and skinning
(CSS-based) capabilities. RCF features include: file upload support,
client-side conversion and validation, a complete Ajax-integration,
data tables, hierarchical tables, color/date pickers, menu
tabs/buttons, wizards, popups, toolbars, toolboxes,
internationalization and accessibility. This project starts with more
than 100 components which have already been documented and thoroughly

RCF stands for Rich Client Framework and it means that web
applications, using this component set look very similar to a real,
native desktop application. The name for this project can be a subject
to change.

RCF depends on some artifacts, provided by the Apache Trinidad
project, such as framework features or Apache Maven plug-ins.


The development of RCF started in 2005 at Oracle Corporation. With the
advent of Ajax and requirements for highly interactive rich user
experience, Oracle decided to implement a rich/Ajax-style JSF
component set. The goal was to advance the already existing ADF Faces
product, donated to the ASF in early 2006 (Apache Trinidad). When the
development of RCF started, there wasn't any JSF component set that
provided similar richness to the user. The RCF components run on any
JSF 1.2 compliant implementation. RCF is based on some internal
features of the Apache Trinidad project.

The JavaServer Faces technology is a key technology for the
RCF component set, since RCF requires JSF as its runtime environment.
Oracle has a large commitment to both open source and open standards.
This proposal illustrates Oracle's commitment to the success of the
JSF standard and supporting the open source community by providing a
rich component set under a liberal license, the Apache 2.0 license.


The project is interested in moving to Apache for the following
reasons: To provide Apache-licensed implementation of a full-blown
Ajax-based JSF component set, to become better integrated with the
MyFaces and Shale initiatives, and to build a strong vendor-neutral
community that will outlast any one person's or company's

Initial Goals

The initial goals of the proposed project are:

  * Viable community around the RCF code base
  * Active relationships and possible cooperation with related projects
and communities, such as Apache MyFaces (and its subprojects) or
Apache Trinidad.

Current Status


All the initial committers are familiar with the meritocracy
principles of Apache, and have already worked on the various source
code bases. Some of the initial committers also have experience,
undergoing the Apache incubation process. We will follow the normal
meritocracy rules also with other potential contributors.


The Apache MyFaces project, the Apache Trinidad podling and the
JavaServer Faces standard hold great promise. A fully Ajax-based set
of user interface components will significantly accelerate their
adoption. We strongly believe that RCF will gather significant
momentum and enough developers to build a vibrant community of users
and contributors.

Core Developers

Four of the initial committers are Oracle employees and all are
committers on the Apache Trinidad podling. One of them is a committer
at Apache MyFaces and Apache Shale. Four of the initial committers are
committers on the Apache MyFaces project. RCF was developed by Oracle


RCF aligns perfectly with Apache MyFaces, Apache Trinidad and other
ASF projects utilizing J2EE infrastructure such as Tomcat or Shale. Of
particular relevance are projects such as Geronimo, Apache libraries
like Jakarta Taglibs and Apache Maven.

Known Risks

Orphaned products

Most of the active developers would like to become RCF Committers or
PMC Members and have long term interest to develop and maintain the

Inexperience with Open Source

All the initial developers have worked on open source before and many
are committers and PMC members within other Apache projects.

Homogeneous Developers

Four of the initial committers are Oracle employees. The developers
are experienced and very familiar with distributed, multi-national,
asynchronous environments. Also Oracle will most likely influence
developers across the globe to join the RCF community.

Reliance on Salaried Developers

Some of the initial committers are salaried developers employed by
Oracle. Oracle is committed to standards and open source and committed
to building a vibrant and diverse community around this project. The
remaining developers are individual volunteers who are passionate
about the technology. The donating company has reached out and will
continue to reach out in its effort to build a diverse community.

Relationships with Other Apache Products

RCF will likely be used by a Java EE 5 (web) compliant container, like
Geronimo or Tomcat 6, requires some Apache products (Shale Test,
commons digester, commons beanutils, Trinidad, Xerces), and will
support Apache MyFaces.

A Fascination with the Apache Brand

All of us are familiar with Apache and we have participated in Apache
projects as contributors, committers, and PMC members. While we expect
the Apache brand may help attract more contributors, our interests in
starting this project is based on the factors mentioned in the
Rationale section. However, we will be sensitive to inadvertent abuse
of the Apache brand and will work with the Incubator PMC and the PRC
to ensure the brand policies are respected.


There isn't a documentation at the moment, but Oracle is actively
working on developing comprehensive documentation for RCF and that
documentation will be provided soon or upon availability.

Initial Source

The initial code base is owned by Oracle. The applicable code will be
re-licensed under the Apache License 2.0. All dependencies have Apache
compatible licenses. These include BSD and CDDL licensed dependencies.

External Dependencies

All dependencies have Apache compatible licenses. These include BSD
and CDDL licensed dependencies.

Required Resources

Mailing lists


Subversion Directory


Issue Tracking


Other Resources

  * Wiki

Initial Committers

Name               Email                                     CLA
Adam Winer           awiner at apache dot org        yes
Bernd Bohmann          bommel at apache dot org          yes
Bruno Aranda         baranda at apache dot org         yes
Cagatay Civici           cagatay at apache dot org       yes
Gabrielle Crawford        gcrawford at apache dot org     yes
Gary Van Matre          gvanmatre at apache dot org     yes
Gerald Muellan         gmuellan at apache dot org         yes
Jeanne Waldman         jwaldman at apache dot org         yes
Mario Ivankovits
Martin van den Bemt       mvdb at apache dot org         yes
Martin Marinschek        mmarinschek at apache dot org   yes
Matthias Wessendorf       matzew at apache dot org         yes
Simon Lessard             slessard at apache dot org       yes
Werner Punz               werpu at apache dot org          yes


  Name               Affiliation
  Adam Winer               Oracle Corporation
  Bruno Aranda          EMBL-EBI European Bioinformatics Institute
  Gabrielle Crawford        Oracle Corporation
  Jeanne Waldman         Oracle Corporation
  Matthias Wessendorf   Oracle Corporation
  Simon Lessard         Fujitsu Consulting, Canada



  * Manfred Geiler (manolito at apache dot org)

Nominated Mentors

  * Martin van den Bemt (mvdb at apache dot org)
  * Carsten Ziegeler (cziegeler at apache dot org)
  * Henning Schmiedehausen (henning at apache dot org)

Sponsoring Entity

  * Apache MyFaces

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