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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: FtpServer mentor/commiter shortage
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 16:19:29 GMT
On Wednesday 04 April 2007 03:33, Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
> Currently, there is only one active commiter (me) and no active mentors.
> This causes some issues with the project. As a way of promoting the
> project and possibly get more people interested in contributing, it's my
> belief that we need to get a series of milestone releases out (much like
> most other incubating projects).

As Bill points out, no releases before you have more eyeballs. Sad, I agree...

I think that FTP is perceived as 'old' and not relevant anymore. On top of 
that, I suspect that FtpServer is almost complete, which makes noone's 
fingers itchy. "Why bother with FTP, when it comes with every *nix computer, 
or can easily be installed?"

I think you should concentrate on a couple of higher profile use-cases.

 - Knopflerfish has a telnet server connection available for the console.
   AFAIK, Apache Felix doesn't have that. How can the existing Felix Text UI
   (TUI) be complemented with FTP client access?

 - I have seen StarWars parody over an FTP session. Hack something cool up
   which you can host somewhere (ask at if nothing else).

 - Describe via documentation more complex cases, which can be done via FTP.

 - If secure FTP is supported, push for that as an alternative to SSH, which
   ain't that easy to use with jsch for instance. If secure FTP is not
   supported, that is where you get the additional developers.

 - Evangelize why FTP is not dead, and still viable for certain scenarios.

Finally, start identifying an exit strategy from Incubator. It will probably 
not be suitable as a TLP, scope is a bit limited. IIRC, it came out of 
Avalon, so it can't go back there. Are there any other suitable homes? 
Tomcat? James? Geronimo? Felix? Mina? Once identified, figure out how to 
position FtpServer to become a natural part of that TLP, and then actively 
recruit developers from there.

I would volunteer mentoring it, but I am not an ASF member so that option is 
not available to me. I am not interested in being a developer, but possibly a 
user, such as a TUI connectivity for Felix.

Good Luck.


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