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From "Craig McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Difference between Maven repository and dist directory
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 15:42:41 GMT
On 3/16/07, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> Craig, the point is that downstream users may not be required to add a
> <repository> setting.   If I depend on A, and A depends on IncubatorB, I
> would get IncubatorB without needing a <repository> setting if the pom
> for A has that setting in it.

An argument for dumping the entire set if distinction between
incubating and non-incubating projects, instead of just some of them.

> That's pretty much my point.   If there are huge use cases where users
> DON'T have to put a repository entry in, then why are we bothering
> having a separate repository?   That's bandwidth/processes/etc.. on
> p.a.o that we consume for no reason.   Push that to central.

Performance concerns should not drive policies.  Policies should drive
practices, which should drive efficient implementations.

The policy I'm most concerned with in this thread is whether
incubating project releases are "official" Apache releases, that
provide the ASF legal protections to the authors, and assurances to
the downstream users that ASF has done its usual vetting of these
releases.  If we indeed want that to be the result, then sure ... get
rid of the incubating repository, get rid of the restrictions on
posting incubating releases to the central repository, and so on.  But
also get rid of all the other useless crap (requiring "incubating" in
version numbers etc.) that does not accomplish anything useful in this

Is everyone in ASF willing to be comfortable with the ASF stamp of
approval on a project that might still be in the process of vetting
code provenance, or still checking licenses, but chooses to do an
incubating release anyway?

> J. Daniel Kulp


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