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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Adding new committers process
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 13:03:08 GMT
On 3/29/07, Craig L Russell <> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>  From my reading of the incubator PPMC guide, the guide only talks
> about the process up to the point where the PPMC votes to offer
> commit privileges to a new member. It then links to the PMC document
> that Martin refers to.

now i've taken a little more time when reading the document, i agree
that the intention is not clear from the document. all the steps
listed in the PMC documents need to be followed but the IPMC needs to
be CC'd as well as the PPMC when the email is sent to root.

this phrasing needs to be clarified

what's worried me for a while is maintenace of information in two
places: there are guides, descriptions of process and policy for
projects in plus additional explanation and
additional process and policy for podlings in really, the incubator process and rules
should be a superset of apache wide ones but in practice describing
these means ammendments to some steps.

suggestions on the best approach to this problem welcomed :-)

> It's not documented in the PMC document how to apply the PMC rules to
> the PPMC. I've had the same questions come up and from what I can
> tell, it's not documented who on the PPMC is authorized to ask root
> for a new account, and it's not clear who on the PPMC is able to
> grant karma on the Podling authorization.

yeh - the PPMC documentation needs a lot more work. i know you have a
number of good patches waiting to be committed.

maybe it's time to make another determined assualt on the remaining
documentation. i'm very active elsewhere ATM but i'll try to make some
time if there are any other volunteers interested in helping out.

- robert

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