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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] [Retry] Approve the release of Apache Lucene.Net 2.0 build 004 incubating
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 21:22:04 GMT
On 3/28/07, George Aroush <> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Thanks for taking your time and looking at this release.  To answer your
> questions:
> The files *.csproj, and *.sln are the Visual Studio.NET project files --
> those are auto generated and thus I can't edit them outside the IDE -- the
> same goes to the few *.cs files that you noticed as well as the few *.xml
> and *.html files that you highlighted.


IMHO it's pretty naffy that you can't add headers but that's life, i
suppose - or at least m$

> For the file,
> wball.Net/Test/Analysis/Snowball/TestSnowball.cs where you pointed out the
> use of the old style Apache License, it looks like
> didn't do
> the job well here.  This is an original work -- will this issue prevent a
> release?.

different people have different opinions :-/

(hopefully people will jump in here)

IMHO it's a judgment call. i wouldn't cut a release with any header
issues of this kind but i wouldn't -1 one either.

RAT is good at catching this kind of issue (though it will pick up a
lot of false negatives  for the XML and HTML files)

> Thanks for catching the grammatical error in the README.txt: "An MADN ..."
> I fixed it in the SVN release.
> Again, thanks for taking your time and looking at this release candidate.
> Please let me know if I addressed all of your questions and if I get your +1
> or -1 vote.

+0 due to old license

(but i feel a little bad about it)

- robert

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