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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Revised Heraldry commit ACL
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 15:06:56 GMT
Gav wrote:

> > > Would you add those four, pending CLAs as necessary?  So a starting
> > > Community of 7, again pending CLAs.
> > More like a community of 4.

> A 'community' includes those on the dev list, not just committers/pmc.

True enough.  :-)

> I have offered several times to help where I can, but not with the
> code base at the moment , I don't know enough, but I can help with
> the website and putting up of docs etc, this is usually regarded
> as a need in  most projects eyes.

I had seen your offer on the list, which is why I brought it up.  And if
they don't want your help, I can mention any number of other ASF projects
who "would kill" to have someone dedicated working on docs.  :-)

> I have an ICLA already in as I am PMC member for Apache Forrest.
> However I am not asking for commit status at this stage, if you
> want my help then I'll submit doc and site patches via Jira and
> someone else can then take the extra step of applying the
> patches, it would make more sense that I do it directly but I
> agree I have not earned any Karma on the project so far.

We'll leave that to the PPMC.  Mind you, we've often suggested a low barrier
of entry for Incubator projects.

> Anyway, I'll keep a look out and jump in where I can.


	--- Noel

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