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From "Bruce Snyder" <>
Subject Re: Killing the incubator m2 repository
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 21:49:55 GMT
On 3/15/07, Davanum Srinivas <> wrote:
> Bruce,
> Please see below:
> Draft Policy(?):
> Thread:
> First email:
> Please read this email:
> In this thread:

Thanks, Dims. This info is exactly what I needed.

After reading through the entire Thread, I am of the same opinion.
However, the message that completely, utterly threw me was Noel's
message stating:

'As I said, it is about balance.  The community that we most care about
during Incubation is the developer community, not the end-user community.  I
could go so far as to say that a bit of inconvenience for end-users is not a
bad thing because we don't want *widespread* adoption by end-users until the
project completes Incubation.  And we certainly want end-users to know what
they are getting into if/when they choose to adopt a project in the

So I looked back at the Incubator exit criteria and one of the
criteria to graduation is:

'Demonstrate an active and diverse development community'

Where does this leave a project that enters to the Incubator with a
user community already? Further, where does this leave a project that
has been in the Incubator long enough to have developed a user

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