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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: Killing the incubator m2 repository
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2007 14:51:28 GMT
On 3/16/07, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:
> But times change.  Apparently now people think that since the
> Incubator PMC has binding votes on podling releases, then these things
> *are* indeed official releases, providing both the usual legal
> protections to PMC members who voted for it, and assurance to
> downstream users that things like code provenance have already been
> vetted.  If we buy into this philosophy, then a restriction on
> publishing artifacts to p.a.o/dist and the mirrors, and having a
> separate incubator repository for them, are ridiculous and should be
> removed.

To be clear, as Roy and others have pointed out *many* times, the
rationale has nothing to do with legal or real policy issues - but a
simple fact that if the release is not in /www.a.o/dist, it will *not*
be backed up or mirrored.  I view that as completely unacceptable.
infra@ does not have the resources to set up a separate mirroring
system or backup system just for Incubator.  Incubator *has* to follow
the ASF-wide policies on releases.  I don't view any wiggle room at
all on this point.

This is also largely why I couldn't care less about Maven because if
the real release is being archived and mirrored, then any Maven
repository just serves as a useless duplicate.  So, folks can do
whatever they want there...  -- justin

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