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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Disclaimer location
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 00:04:49 GMT
On Mar 15, 2007, at 4:03 PM, Cliff Schmidt wrote:

> On 3/15/07, robert burrell donkin <>  
> wrote:
>> the latest advice on best practice from cliff is that a separate
>> DISCLAIMER.txt is preferred to including the incubator disclaimer in
>> the NOTICE.txt. the reason is that the NOTICE.txt has legal
>> implications so it's best to restrict the contents. incubator policy
>> asks that the DISCLAIMER is distributed but this isn't something we
>> require by downstream. IMHO this isn't important enough to consider
>> re-rolling.
> Just to clarify, I haven't advocated for a file necessarily named
> "DISCLAIMER.txt" just for the incubator disclaimer.  I don't recall
> if/what the Incubator PMC policy is on that.  I do remember when we
> started the disclaimer thing (almost four years ago), we were just
> adding it to the top of the README.  Either case seems reasonable to
> me (with my Incubator PMC hat on) unless we have a stated policy
> specifying exactly one thing.
> Otherwise, Robert's comment about my advice on the NOTICE file is
> correct.  The NOTICE file should only be used for attributions and
> other notices required to be included by some third-party license or
> as required by

Isn't it something that should be propagated downstream? The purpose  
of the disclaimer is to notify users that the podling isn't a fully- 
endorsed Apache project and the reasons behind that don't go away  
just because someone else re-licenses the jar. The legal implication  
around the NOTICE is that the attributions it contains are retained  
and by adding the disclaimer in there we ensure that it will be.


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