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From "Carlos Sanchez" <>
Subject Re: Killing the incubator m2 repository
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:21:17 GMT
On 3/16/07, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
> Carlos Sanchez wrote:
> > 1. central repo must be self contained, all artifacts in central
> > repository must have dependencies already in central, only exception
> > is if license doesn't allow redistribution but in that case the pom
> > must be there explaining what that artifact is.
> This is a Maven repository policy?  Justification(s)?

this is a "central" repository policy to simplify life for users and
avoid complains like "I use A and depends on B that is missing in the

it was never really enforced though, but if i see that happening i
contact people to get it fixed and prevent uploads, very hard to do in
synced repos so active like apache.

now i guess people is circumventing it by adding external repositories
in A pom, like the incubating one, which defeats the whole purpose of
it as it's transparent for the user, and making people get stuff from
other repos without noticing, which probably was never a planned

About "nobody prevents ASL artifacts to be uploaded" that's true as i
mentioned also, but they can't be under org.apache if the ASF don't
want to. I won't prevent them from being in other group, it's a matter
of the ASF and the incubating project, so it would be up to the
incubator to decide if they can keep releasing under the previous
group that they were using before.

>         --- Noel
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