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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject Re: Killing the incubator m2 repository
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 20:04:53 GMT

thanks for being the amazing fount of wisdom and berating our "silly
idea." Please see below.

On 3/15/07, Dan Diephouse <> wrote:
> On 3/15/07, Davanum Srinivas <> wrote:
> >
> > "It's even knowing that you need to add another repo,"
> >
> > [DIMS] This is by design.
> As everyone else is saying, its a silly design. The version/artifactId
> clearly as "incubator" in it. People know they're using an incubating
> project.

This is NOT enough. How many times should i say it? (2 cents)

> " it's pinging that repo every time you build looking for every other
> > artifact"
> >
> > [DIMS] Please file a maven2 bug report for this.
> NOT a bug. You can't just assume that because the jar wasn't there the last
> time, it won't be there again. You also can't make any assumptions that one
> repo mirrors another. There is NO way around this.

You need to be able to say, for these artifacts looks ONLY in this
repository and Look ONLY for these specified artifacts in this
repository. Guess an idiot like me won't understand such complicated
beautiful setup like maven

> "it's not having any alternative when the is
> > inaccessible (and this happens a lot)."
> >
> > [DIMS] Please raise this as an infrastructure issue. Here am assuming
> > you are talking about snapshots. That problem will exist no matter
> > what since no one with the right head will publish snapshots to the
> > central repo.
> Not really. In CXF we don't depend on any SNAPSHOTS and most people in
> general tend to shy away from them.

The issue here was how other projects use cxf artifacts like Geronimo.
Not how you use other projects. Don't know if you have a clue on how
much pain m2 has inflicted on Geronimo folks. Guess that's for another

> +1 to getting rid of the m2 incubator repository. Its well intentioned, but
> ultimately a silly idea.

Thanks we take our job seriously and we have nothing else to do but
sit around and come up with silly ideas.

> - Dan
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> Dan Diephouse
> Envoi Solutions
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