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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Incubating Project Policy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 16:16:13 GMT
Isn't it normal to have a discussion before calling for a vote?  :-)

A vote seems premature, given the current level of discussion.  As you have later noted:

> the thread's grown too long - it needs summarization.  Early in the
> week I'll start a wiki page to begin the clarifications (whys) and
> let folks add-on other examples (which are scattered right now
> throughout this thread.)

> I'm proposing the following policy become explicit across the incubator;

>   Where the project policy permits commit-then-review contributions to its
>   Subversion repository, committers may commit code they personally authored,
>   or with proper attribution, commit patches posted on the project's mailing
>   list or posted to the project's bug tracking system (Jira/Bugzilla).
>   No third-party code (beyond bugzilla and mailing list submissions) may be
>   directly committed without first posing the submission to the mailing list.
>   This goes for submissions by associates who are unaffiliated with the
>   project, private correspondence to a committer, and third party open source
>   code which is otherwise compatible with the Apache Software License.

> Where the project's policy is review-then-commit, there truly is no change
> to their current practice.

As noted by James Margaris, yourself, Bertrand, et al, this does not actually address the
issue where someone is committing co-workers' work, rather than having the co-workers participating
on-list.  We are really looking to have those co-workers be the one's directly posting to
the mailing list or JIRA.  To get what you want, your second paragraph should clarify that
"first [posting] the submission" means BY THE ACTUAL CONTRIBUTOR, not a proxy.

How do we express what normative behavior should be without unduly restricting cases that
ought to be permitted?  What, if any, are the corner cases?

Zukka, I agree that this is more of an ASF-wide issue, but we often set the course here in
the Incubator, and it carries over to the rest of the ASF, which is why we really need to
make sure that Best Practices *are* Best Practices, and adjust them if not.

	--- Noel

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