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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Making a non ASF project, ASF friendly
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 16:59:43 GMT
On 1/7/07, Chris Howe <> wrote:
> --- robert burrell donkin


> > one approach would be for you to collect the
> > required permissions from
> > the contributors to the project as you go along:
> > just ask people to
> > FAX you (needs to be a hard copy) the required
> > documents. you'd then
> > have permission for any work to be imported via a
> > software grant.
> >
> > if this sounds like a good approach, i'll try to set
> > some wheels in motion...
> >
> > - robert
> That sounds like a fine approach.  Would I need to
> make a software grant to the ASF for every
> contribution or is it possible to draft an agreement
> that makes all future contributions included?

a CLA covers all future contributions. however, apache prefer software
grants for substantial contributions not originally created for apache
since it's clearer and cleaner.

if you are the only person working on the project, it's not really
important: it's easy enough just to fill in and FAX the software grant
form each. with open development, though, once you start accepting
contributions by other coders, the project is no longer simply owned
by a single developer: these will be accepted under license and
(unless you insist on copyright assignment) you will not own the
copyright of these contributions.

when software is donated to apache, all the copyright owners must be
contacted and each must sign the grant or their contribution must be
rewritten. typically the biggest administrative hurdle is seeking the
approval of each contributors.

it's hard for small projects to use the apache legal structure: apache
asks for a very generous license allowing considerable freedom but is
a non-profit foundation and is governed by it's charter.

but i'll ask on legal discuss. you can follow the debate on rss is

- robert

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