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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: graduation documentation [WAS Re: [RESULT] Re: [VOTE] Graduate Synapse]
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 20:03:45 GMT
On 1/4/07, Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> On 1/3/07, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> > Finally, there is the knotty problem of PR. We are very proud to now
> > be an Apache project and it would be great to let everyone know. The
> > guide hasn't any advice on this.
> Talking out of my arse....
> * Grass roots mentioning in blogs.
> * Sending to announce lists (announce@apache for example.. or is it
> announcements. One of the two). This will have a knock on effect with
> blogs (cafeaulait for example).
> * Getting it on the ASF front page news.
> * Timing a release to happen just after the graduation is complete is
> probably the best - saying "hey look we're a TLP" seems a bit weak
> news wise, especially if it's before the bits are moved to TLP. If
> you're saying "Our first release since graduating to become a full
> Apache project", then it seems like bigger news and the call to action
> is clear - come get the new release. Maybe that's my problem with the
> graduation bit, the call to action is "come join in!", which seems
> much less compelling than "come use the new software".
> * Articles etc. I wouldn't be surprised if online/offline magazines
> are much more interested in an article once an Incubator podling
> becomes a TLP. One unique article (I suspect) would be a "Life in the
> Apache Incubator"; a viewpoint from a podling not the project itself.
> Might only be of value to the feather blog - plus
> * Podcasting with Rich and David. Again - best time for this would be
> just after the graduation is complete and maybe a release has been
> made. The graudation is a period of change, so you don't want to be
> sucking lots of people in right then - rather you want to get the bits
> taken care of and then suck people in.
> * ApacheCon talk. Introducing your newly graduated project seems like
> a very good talk at ApacheCon if it's not been talked about before. A
> lot of them have though, so this may be a null-op. Java User Group
> talks etc.

all good ideas :-)

but IMO this really belongs in the infamously non-existant apache PR
website, not in a graduation guide. the graduation guide should link
and comment.

> * Have a whip-round for some advertising money. Either print a one
> page spread in the New York Times or send the BileBlog a cheque and a
> request to be biled. :)


- robert

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