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From Dave <>
Subject Re: January 2007 Incubator Report (Revised)
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 13:12:03 GMT
Apparently, I missed Noel's final cut-off by six minutes.

Here's the Jan 2007 status for Roller.

=== Roller ===

We've been very busy with new feature development for Roller, but we
have also spent time preparing Roller for graduation and now that
we've got an Apache web and wiki presence, two of the last items on
our checklist, we feel that we're just about ready to call for a vote.
More about that later. For now, here's some status on our
accomplishments since our last report in July 2006:

* Roller 3.0 released. We detailed the new features of Roller 3.0 in
the last report. They include a completely new rendering system with a
new URL structure, new template models/macros, better multi-language
blog support and a new blog-based front page. We released Roller 3.0
on November 7, 2006.

* Roller 3.1 development. Following Roller 3.0, we developed another
major new release of Roller. The major new features are full-support
for weblog tagging, a better rich-text editor based on Xinha,
full-preview and bulk-delete of comments. We've made three release
candidate releases and with RC3 we're just about ready to make the
final release.

* Established Roller web presence at We have now
established a web site for Roller at Keeping with our
community traditions, this site will be a simple front-page that links
into a wiki where actual content will be created and updated.

* Established Roller wiki space at We have also started to
migrate wiki content from the old Roller wiki to the new wiki site at We chose Confluence because we want the wiki to serve as a
tightly controlled content management system (similar  to the way we
were using JSPWiki before).

* We have almost completed a JPA implementation of Roller back-end.
The new implementation is passing about 95% of  the back-end unit
tests and we are actively working on getting it ready to test and
compare against our current Hibernate implementation.

* As part of our community building efforts we presented talk on
Roller at ApacheCon US 2006 and have submitted multiple Roller-related
proposals to ApacheCon EU and JavaOne 2007.

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