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From Chris Howe <>
Subject Making a non ASF project, ASF friendly
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2007 09:42:10 GMT
I am currently in the process of setting up a project
that will hopefully complement the Apache Open for
Business Project and help get some community newbies
down the learning curve a bit faster than is currently
possible with the tools available within the ASF.  I
have been very clear that the project is in no way
related, endorsed, etc by the ASF.  At the same time
many of the solutions developed in the project will
likely be of benefit to the Apache OFBiz Project.  I
want to be sure that a committer has the ability to
utilize a solution at their discretion without jumping
through legal hurdles. If I could get an answer to the
following scenario and questions, I would greatly
appreciate it.  Thanks!

A project (Project A) is set up on Source Forge by
individuals as the only legal entities.  Project A is
setup under the Apache License V2.  What would Project
A need to do beforehand to ensure that all code
committed to Project A's SVN is available for an
existing ASF project to incorporate into it's code
base in  the following scenarios:

1) ASF committer incorporates code from Project A
directly into the ASF project
2) Member of Project A submits a patch file to the
JIRA of the ASF project
3) Non Member of Project A submits patch file from
Project A to the JIRA of the ASF project.


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